Welcome to MYTA Technologies

Back in 1992, Mark Rothman founded The MYTA Corporation, and in 10 years MYTA (the first one) became one of the largest IT staffing firms in the Washington, DC area. MYTA made the INC 500, garnered numerous awards and became a well respected company with clients such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Discovery Communications, and many more. In 2002, that MYTA was sold to Ajilon Corporation – then the largest IT Staffing firm in the world. In September of 2014, Mr. Rothman, and key members of the original MYTA team, launched MYTA Technologies.

At MYTA Technologies, our goal is to provide the best IT staff – period. We understand that our clients would rather have one excellent candidate than search through scores of resumes, and that philosophy is the basis of our entire operation. Our talent management team discovers candidates using many different techniques, but our secret is that we have developed, and always maintain, a referral network of high quality IT professionals. Everyone knows that the best people like to work, and network with, other highly skilled and talented people. Our talent acquisition specialists take the time to develop relationships with those kinds of professionals, building a trust that encourages them to share their network of professionals with us.

Our referral networks cover the full spectrum of IT – from high level analysts and architects, through the development process in all technologies, downstream to testers, production management and user support personnel.

We provide professionals with expertise from legacy systems to the newest technologies, from COBOL to Cloud Management, and from classic development to Agile. We are a full service talent solutions firm eager to meet all of the needs of our clients. MYTA Technologies is a small business and a privately held firm – so we are nimble and flexible. Our job is to find the best candidates and offer them to our clients in a way that best suits the needs of both the client and the candidate. With that in mind, we provide the option of permanent placements, temp to hire, and short- and long-term contracting assignments.

The MYTA Technologies team has over 40 years of recognized IT Staffing Success.

Our talent acquisition specialists take the time to develop relationships with highly skilled and talented people.