Why Work For MYTA?

MYTA Technologies is known for having the highest quality personnel and we are always looking for more people who fit that bill. Whether you are searching for a full-time position or you want to be a contractor – we can help. Whether you are leaving your job because you need to be challenged, deserve more money, or are just looking for a shorter commute – we can help. Whether you are trying to learn the newest technologies or trying to find a position where your current skills can be utilized – we can help. You worked hard to become the experienced professional that you are, and your hard work and expertise are valued by the MYTA team. Contact us and see how we can help.

IT Staffing Services

Finding the right career opportunity can be an extremely difficult endeavor. However, our IT staffing services are aimed to ease our burdened candidates by matching tailored opportunities which suit your needs.

IT Talent Management

While technology can enhance competitive advantage, people are an enterprise’s only renewable asset. IT leaders must think strategically about how to manage their workforce to ensure they are positioned to deliver and ready to respond to emerging IT trends.

IT Talent Solutions

IT specialists require an IT recruiting firm that understands every aspect of the information technology industry. At MYTA, we are well-versed in every task and job that an IT specialist would be asked to do. We create value for our corporate clients by delivering talent resources which are strategically outfitted to benefit the candidate as well as the client. We have a variety of IT talent opportunities. We can help IT professionals to find new permanent positions with the top companies nationally and global. We also work with our clients and our IT talent pool to develop contract assignments for projects that are critical to a company’s success.

For our talent, we never stop looking for new ways to solve your career development accomplishments. We are responsive and can quickly pull a list of potential clients that fit your skill set. We take pride in partnering with our clients to solve their IT issues and help them to reach their corporate goals. At MYTA, we have a tremendous amount of respect for the complicated world of IT placement. That is why we have worked so hard to be able to offer customized solutions to some of the top IT employers on the market.


Looking For A Job?

We have a variety of IT related jobs available. Feel free to apply to any that interest you!