The management team at MYTA Technologies has adopted the same philosophies that fueled the growth of the original MYTA. These core philosophies are:

Implement the industry’s finest candidate screening processes to ensure that clients receive only the most qualified personnel.

Maintain a rate structure that is fair to all parties – the contractor, the client, and ourselves.

Treat everyone – our clients, our contractors, and our internal employees – with dignity and respect.

Our management team comes with over 40 years of combined staffing experience. We have the expertise to provide the highest quality services and the resources to work with clients both large and small. Don’t be fooled by the age or size of the company, MYTA Technologies will continue the MYTA tradition of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. MYTA Technologies provides the best IT staff – period.


Our Talent Management team utilizes a variety of sourcing techniques

We have a clear understanding of our client needs, and we provide them with targeted solutions to service them.